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Dalhousie is a little and drowsy slope town in the Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh in North India. Till a couple of years back it wasn't as much famous with the visitors, yet now it is among the notable travel goals in Himachal Pradesh. Arranged at a stature of 1970 m (6460 ft), it is spread over the external inclines of Dhauladhar Range. The focal piece of the town gently looks at the Pir Panjal Range, whose pinnacles are regularly covered with snow. In Dalhousie, you can simply unwind and take in the fresh mountain air. Also, in the event that you are the dynamic kind, you can appreciate strolling on the ways jumbling the concealed inclines of the town. There are numerous open doors for short and long treks in the encompassing zone. Likewise, there are a few spots worth investigating in the region.

Attractions In & Around Dalhousie:


Khajjiar, 23 km from Dalhousie, is a delightful knoll ringed by the thick timberlands and backdropped by the glorious mountains. It was created as a green by the British; today it is a most loved excursion spot for residential visitors to Dalhousie. This makes it swarmed and touristy. In any case, leaving the glade would bring you into the verdant woods where quiet is just hindered by the birdsongs. There is a contracting lake directly in the focal point of the knoll which is called 'Khajjiar Lake'. Khajjiar has gotten its name from the twelfth century Khajjinag sanctuary arranged at the highest point of the knoll.


Another excursion spot close Dalhousie, Kalatop is the pinnacle of a slope. It is a piece of the Kalatop-Khajjiar Wildlife Sanctuary. The murkiness made by the encompassing thick woods have earned this name for the spot. You can either drive up (INR 250 for each vehicle) or complete a climb. The trip isn't steep and is quite pleasant. Crossing through the way disregarded by the tall trees, while tuning in to the twittering of feathered creatures, is a cherishable encounter. Up at the summit, there is a rest house, a rambling yard, and walkways. There are likewise a few slows down selling tidbits and tea. Kalatop is overwhelmed with local people just as sightseers in the ends of the week.


Of the considerable number of attractions in Dalhousie, the short trek to Dainkund is the most delightful. It is a short trek to the summit of a slope where there is a sanctuary committed to a Goddess. Coming to the top from the drop-off point scarcely takes 30 minutes. There are just a couple of spots where getting on stone advances is required; rest of the trek is on a level mud-way. The perspectives you get of the encompassing slants are as animating as the trek itself. When you arrive at the summit, don't miss to go to the terrace of the sanctuary to get a look at the valley. There are a couple of shacks beneath the sanctuary where you can get water, tidbits and tea. Dainkund is arranged at 9,038 feet and is the most noteworthy point in Dalhousie.


Satdhara is a spot directly in the town, where seven modest streams unite. It is accepted that these streams have restorative properties. You can without much of a stretch reach there by strolling 1 km downhill from Gandhi Chowk.


This place is 1 km downhill from Satdhara. ‘Panchpulla’ means five bridges and that’s what the place has. There are five tiny bridges constructed over the streams. A memorial of Sardar Ajit Singh, who was a freedom fighter and uncle of Bhagat Singh, has been built here. There are two waterfalls near Panchpulla.

St. John's Church:

This is the most seasoned of all the five holy places in Dalhousie. Situated close GPO at Gandhi Chowk, this congregation was worked in 1863. The nineteenth century recolored glass painting of Jesus in the congregation is flanked by the artwork of St. John and St. Subside.

Sach Pass:

The way to Sach Pass is viewed as one of the most hazardous streets in India. The whole way is unmetalled and is simply a soil track. To achieve this drive you need someone who is knowledgeable about arranging extreme Himalayan Roads. It is around 175 km from Dalhousie, however given the poor state of the way, bunches of water intersections, and soak risings, it can without much of a stretch take 6-7 hours to reach there. Thus, plan to leave as ahead of schedule as conceivable from Dalhousie. While you'll appreciate the drive, the goal is enchanting with the land secured with sheets of snow.

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